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Ginger and Mint

More of what makes you healthy

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March 2017

Ginger and Mint is a chain of healthy eating cafes and juice bars in London, committed to help creating healthy living and sustainable communities. The company started its journey in a small kiosk in Covent Garden and is now operating in multiple locations all around in London. They needed a remake of their brand identity and website. This time our challenge was to design a brand identity that looks professional yet not corporate. The company wanted to stay local and accessible while having a refined visual identity that would still appeal to the local communities trying to maintain a healthy and responsible life while living a in a fast-paced city.

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In the end of our strategy creation sessions we decided that the line that best summarises the company was: "more of what makes you healthy". We supported this idea optically with a visual system that features a hand-drawn logo. We combined fresh looking lively colors with imagery of healthy nutrients and young, joyful people.

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Livraria Mobile 4
Livraria Mobile 4
Livraria Mobile 4
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We applied the identity on to bottles and cups, menus, company presentation templates, shop signs, posters, social media posts and the website. We created countless visual material combining stock imagery with the brand's visual identity. The result was an even more lovable brand that will not stop growing.

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