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About fünf

We’re a team of three passionate designers and developers from Porto and Berlin, driven to create brand assets that will help elevate your business.

Our Company

Small but sharp

fünf is small in size but big on creating excellence in brand communications. We put together experience from various disciplines from branding to web development and motion design to packaging. We are excited to take on any challenge in digital and print design. We have had the privilege of working with international brands and enterprise level startups as designers and art directors at big design agencies.

We are passionate about creating, but our strength comes from the vast experience and knowledge about how businesses work and handle their communication processes. At fünf we always want to push the boundaries of creativity a little bit more, never  settle with “good enough” and always strive for excellency.

How we do

Our philosophy

Audience in mind

No matter if it is a business card or a giant scoped web site we’re designing, we always start with the audience in mind.

Enjoy the work

At fünf, we do what we love. We do not differantiate the clients as big or small. We take on projects we believe in and enjoy working on.

Be nice

Sometimes business brings about stress, urgencies and frustrations. We understand these challenges and help you overcome them with ease.

Deliver satisfaction

We don’t get exhausted by the work and its challenges. We work hard until every stake holder is happy with the outcome.

Keep learning

We always keep an eye on the newest design trends and emerging technologies and bring them on the table.

10 years of experience

We are a creative web design studio, offering state of art white label web design services with top-notch design skills and technical knowledge.

They ❤️️ us

What our clients say

"It was such a pleasure to work with Fünf. They understood everything we were trying to accomplish and took it to the next level. They are highly skilled at what they do, think outside the box and provide excellent well thought out work. I would highly recommend Fünf and hope to work with them again soon."

Debi C.
DC Marketing

"Fünf has been instrumental in the birth of One Inc. Cooperative and continues to be an invaluable co-creative partner. Their team receives an idea, asks clarifying questions, digests the concept, and produces a resonant user experience that is visually stunning, energetically cohesive, and fully immersive."

Brian S.
One Inc.







We have a client network from all around the world and many different industries.

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