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We are a creative digital design studio, offering state-of-the-art web development services with top-notch design skills and technical knowledge.

A Swiss army knife for all your needs

We strategize, design and build state-of-the-art marketing products for your brand both in print and digital media. In all different disciplines we have one principle in mind: giving your brand a head start.

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Some of Our Work

What we offer

Why Webflow?

Unique custom designs

We don’t only tweak some colors on a generic Webflow template and throw your content in it. We strategise and design everything from scratch and align every single detail to your brands message.

Responsive design

Webflow offers a lot when it comes to creating pixel-perfect websites. We make sure your website renders perfect on every device and screen there is. From a 6K iMac to 300px wide mobile screen.

Lightning Fast

Webflow is a stand alone app. Unlike the other website builder platforms we do not use a different plug-in for every section. As a result you have instantly rendered pages. Say good-bye to high bounce rates caused by slow page loads.

Awesome animations and interactions.

In today’s web the content on the screen tend to move and be interactive. Webflow offers a robust, no-code animation and interaction design system to make your website an immersive experience for its visitors.

Extend with Webflow CMS

Webflow comes with the most easy-to-use content management system in the market. Setting up your dynamic data does not require a single line of code, which enables you to easily edit your own content and static pages in a what you see is what you get environment.

Beyond no-code

At fünf we are digital designers with full-stack developer skills. We love webflow and its awesome features but when it falls short we have the skills to use advanced creative coding libraries to enhance the visual experience and integrate complex API’s to extend it’s functionalities.

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Our Process

First meeting

As soon as you get in touch we will reach you to arrange a meeting. We will listen for your business' challenges as well as what you expect from fünf.


We define the project needs and create a refined budget, efficient operation list for the project, estimated delivery time and the total cost range.


After establishing a strong strategic foundation for the project, we design and share visual concepts with you until we find a common ground.


We build your website using Webflow with SEO and extendibility in mind, test it rigorously on multiple devices until the job is perfectly done.

They ❤️️ us

What our clients say

"It was such a pleasure to work with Fünf. They understood everything we were trying to accomplish and took it to the next level. They are highly skilled at what they do, think outside the box and provide excellent well thought out work. I would highly recommend Fünf and hope to work with them again soon."

Debi C.
DC Marketing

"Fünf has been instrumental in the birth of One Inc. Cooperative and continues to be an invaluable co-creative partner. Their team receives an idea, asks clarifying questions, digests the concept, and produces a resonant user experience that is visually stunning, energetically cohesive, and fully immersive."

Brian S.
One Inc.







We have a client network from all around the world and many different industries.

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